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Establishing A Strong Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

If you are facing sex crime and/or child exploitation charges, you must have a strong defense. At Fitzgerald Law in Macon, I provide a tough, smart defense strategy in sex crime cases, building cases by reviewing the evidence, talking to witnesses and using current technology to examine the evidence.

I am attorney Georgia criminal law attorney Keith Fitzgerald, and I will explore every potential legal option to mitigate the consequences if a dismissal is not possible. I represent adults and teens/college students in Georgia. Find out more today in a free case evaluation.

Sex Crimes And Child Exploitation

These crimes are prosecuted by the federal and state governments. The state prosecutes rape, statutory rape and child molestation charges, but the federal government and the state government both handle cases involving child pornography and exploitation of children. While two very different types of cases, they come with extremely long sentences and entry on the sex offender registry, which can be for life. The stigma that accompanies these cases is very high, creating enormous amounts of pressure on the person facing these charges.

These two different types of crimes–one is personal, one is electronic – require two very different ways to defend them. Rape, child molestation and sexual battery are personal cases where one party is blaming the other party. According to the statute, sexual battery in Georgia involves a person “intentionally making physical contact with the intimate parts of the body of another person without the consent of that person.” These three crimes are standard “he said, she said” matters much like an aggravated assault.

Child pornography and child exploitation are computer crimes. These take a deep knowledge of the inner workings of computers and the internet. While in the United States Air Force, I was a computer network administrator and handled the computers and the internet and network connections. This knowledge is invaluable when investigating computer crimes.

False Accusations: Addressing And Preventing Miscarriages Of Justice

It is not uncommon for people to be falsely accused of sex offenses. This happens sometimes in divorce or custody cases when one party wants to gain an advantage over the other. To prevent wrongful convictions, I thoroughly investigate the accusations by interviewing witnesses, examining evidence and using the latest technology as well as forensic scientists, when appropriate to the case.

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