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3 mistakes to avoid if facing criminal charges

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2024 | Criminal Defense

If the police accuse you of a crime, your head might go into overdrive. Unless you have been in this situation many times before, it will be incredibly stressful.

That stress will leave you vulnerable to making mistakes, and even innocent mistakes can be costly when facing criminal charges. Here are some to be aware of:

Fleeing or trying to thwart your arrest

When the police set out to arrest you, they hope you will go with them quietly. Doing anything to the contrary could endanger you and lead to further charges. So don’t try outrunning them in your car,  grappling with the arresting officer or anything of the sort.

Tampering with evidence

Let’s say you face arrest for suspected fraud and decide to alter or destroy relevant financial documents. That is a terrible idea that could lead to further charges.

You must also refrain from contacting witnesses or accusers. So, no calling them up and asking them to change their story. No threatening someone if they testify. And no asking someone else to lie on your behalf – as that could leave them facing charges.

Pleading guilty without a fight

Prosecutors love it when someone pleads guilty without a trial. It makes their life easy and scores them another success for their record. Hence, they work hard to convince people to take a guilty plea, perhaps exaggerating how severe the consequences of not doing so will be. Remember, judges determine sentences, not the prosecution. 

There are many ways to contest a charge. You might beat it altogether or reduce it to a less severe one – but only if you try. With early legal help, you can avoid mistakes that worsen your situation while exploring your options to improve it.