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3 common white collar crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2023 | White Collar Crimes

Some people think about crimes like assault, murder and other violent crimes when they think about people facing criminal charges. While those are often the infractions that are highly publicized, not all crimes prosecuted in the U.S. involve violence.

White collar crimes are ones that don’t have to do with violence but have to do with deception or fraud. The goal of these crimes is typically to gain money or assets.


Embezzlement involves taking money that you’re in control of but that isn’t yours. This can be something like transferring company money into your bank account through false invoices or taking money from the petty cash drawer.


Fraud involves engaging in deception to get something. Mortgage fraud is an example of this. Borrowers may make fraudulent statements about their income or job security. Loan officials may approve loans that are based on fraud even though they know there are incorrect facts in an application.

Money laundering

Money laundering occurs when a person takes money that was obtained illegally and makes it appear legal by funneling it through legal channels.

Even though these charges don’t involve violence, they should still be taken seriously. If you have recently been arrested and charged with white collar wrongdoing, understanding your defense options and creating a strategy you feel is in your best interests is critical. Because these are often very complex cases, seeking legal guidance promptly is important.